Working with this crazy girl tonight 😛

Today I woke up and I couldn’t find you. I know for a fact my dad went to go take you to get put down. You were only five years old.. It’s so unfair to me how such a sweet dog can get cancer. You didn’t deserve it; you’ve done nothing wrong your whole life. Thank you for always licking tears off my face and protecting me against everyone harmful. I remember when my parents first brought you home as a puppy haha. We were inseparable. I would always run to get you every time it was raining. I would always chase after you every time you chased a biker down the street. I always took you inside the house to eat with me when no one was home. Unfortunately when you got sick, you started limping and eventually you could barely get up because the pain was just too much for you. But despite the pain, you were always happy to see me and it breaks my heart I didn’t get to say goodbye. I hope in doggy heaven you won’t have to suffer anymore. Rest in paradise, Tiger.

Starting off my morning right with these two cuties 💕 #tigertheboxer #jasperthepitbull

Kevin’s leaving now 💔

Today you’re leaving for bootcamp. You loved me when I was and had nothing and I can never fully show my appreciation. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re the only one for me. I love you and I hope you come back quick. I’ll be waiting 💔😞

Our most successful family picture lol

LOL!!! 😏

Special delivery 😍📦

Pancake knocked out after his bath 😴

I’m up fat tonight 💰

at Matterhorn Bobsleds

GUESS WHERE I AM!!!! #hell (at Disneyland Park California)


Treating my lover out before he leaves for bootcamp 😭 (at Mastro’s Restaurants - Steakhouse, Costa Mesa)


Me too lazy to do hair